Abundant Legacy

It all started with a boat. In 1972, a member of Shepherd of the Valley proposed giving a boat to the congregation for use in youth ministry. The by-laws of the congregation were not designed to facilitate a gift of real property, however, and it was determined that a separate entity should be created to receive such gifts on behalf of the congregation.

That’s why Shepherd of the Valley Foundation was established in 1976.

The Foundation has continued to receive gifts on behalf of the congregation: real property, stocks, bonds, cash, other securities, and bequests from wills and trusts. The proceeds of these gifts are then used in accordance with the Foundation’s purpose – supporting the ministries of Shepherd of the Valley Lutheran Church and School.
Because the Foundation is designed to receive, manage,and disburse gifts over alonger period of time, the Foundation is the perfect way to leave an abundant legacy which will be used in ongoing ministry for years to come.


Abundant in Faith

Gifts given to the Foundation testify to the faith of those who give them, an abundant faith that desires to see the ministry of the gospel continue at Shepherd of the Valley. The Foundation has helped build and maintain the physical plant, sent dozens of children and youth to Lutheran summer camp, offered scholarship support for children to attend the school, assisted with housing support for pastoral staff, and provided program support to the congregation.


The Foundation is a powerful resource for congregational ministry. Since the members of the congregation are also the members of the Foundation, the goals of the congregation are naturally reflected in the Foundation.The Foundation board is separate from the congregation’s Church Council, and it is also charged with thinking and acting in the congregation’s best interests over the long term.That’s one reason that gifts that arising from estate planning – whether via a will, trust, or another instrument – are appropriately given to the Foundation.


Abundant in Hope

Since the Foundation is uniquely designed to help the congregation benefit from the gifts it receives for years and even decades to come, gifts to the Foundation are really gifts of hope.They are signs of an abundant hope in God’s promise to bless the ministry of Word and Sacrament at Shepherd of the Valley Lutheran Church. What better way to witness to the faith that sustains us in this life than to provide a gift that will continue for years to come?


Those who came before us provided buildings, ministry opportunities, trained leaders, and other commitments that helped us hear, learn, and grow in the grace of Christ. The Foundation is a wonderful way that we can do the same for those who will come after us.


Our gifts to the Foundation are an investment in the faith that God will call forth in others.They are gifts that show that our God is a God of abundance, who has called us to be abundant in leaving a legacy of faith and hope.


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