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Supporting ministry in the congregation, the school, and the community.


Shepherd of the Valley Foundation seeks to establish a culture in which everyone in the congregation considers the witness of their faith in their estate planning, via wills, trusts, or other financial instruments.


The Foundation exists to support the ministries of the congregation and the preschool, and their witness to Christ in the world and in the church at large. The Foundation receives gifts, endows funds, and disburses proceeds in a way that best serves Shepherd ofthe Valley Church and School, now and in the future.

SOV Foundation Announces Matching Grant to Sponsor Tiny Homes Project

Our Pastor Brian Hiortdahl, along with SOV Foundation President Dave Engh, SOV Council President Chip Lee, and Mission Outreach team member Marie Brauer, joined CEO Ken Craft on Friday, May 28 for a tour of the Reseda site, and to present a donation from Shepherd of the Valley of $21,795.00, which will be partially matched by another donor to Hope of the Valley.


Sponsorship for each “Tiny Home” is $3,000 (which covers support services provided by HOV, such as social workers and security), so our total donation (with some matching funds) effectively sponsors more than seven of these life-changing bridge housing units. Thank you for your amazing generosity and for helping people without homes right here in the San Fernando Valley!


Read more about the Tiny Homes development.

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the lives for others.

For many years, a reclining chair sat in a meeting room at Shepherd of the Valley. It had been a favoritechair of Mildred Twedt, former parish worker of the congregation, and had been given to the church at the time of her death. Mildred’s chair when empty, could be seen as a sign of her absence. She was no longer here to faithfully greet, welcome, and serve the congregation and the community. But an empty chair is also a sign of invitation. Who will now fill that chair?


The gifts that are left to the congregation as part of legacy and estate planning are ways to ‘fill the chair’ of ministry at Shepherd of the Valley. Our legacies and planned gifts are reminders to those who come after us of the things we have valued and which we hope will endure. Of course, the true power of the church’s witness is always in the work of the Holy Spirit to bring about faith. But providing the financial means by which the congregation’s witness can be strengthened is an important part of stewardship planning for those who have been life-long stewards of the blessings God has given.


that thrives among others.

There is no one “best way” to make a planned gift. There are several good options from which to choose. The specific circumstances of each donor will help determine which method is best.


Among the most common methods are:


  • Bequests through wills and trusts.These may be set amounts or percentages of an estate.


  • Charitable Gift Annuities. These allow a gift to be made while providing periodic income to the donor. There may be tax advantages to this kind of gift.


  • Charitable Remainder Trusts. These provide an immediate tax benefit and can be gifts of real property. Income is provided to the donor and the gift may bypass capital gain taxes.


  • Donor Advised Funds. This offers a way to make a current gift, perhaps locking in the appreciated value of the gift. Periodically thereafter, the donor continues to direct where the gift is given.


that witnesses to others.
  • Life insurance. Gifts of policies can create an immediate tax deduction, while providing the benefit upon the donor’s death. Insurance can also be used to provide a non-taxable benefit to heirs, while allowing taxable assets to be given away.


  • Retirement plans. Funds can be part of a planned gift in a way that may reduce taxes to heirs while still allowing a gift to be given.

The examples and information provided are for illustrative and educational purposes only and should not be considered tax or legal advice. Please consult with your tax or legal advisor about proceeding with your gift plan. Through Shepherd of the Valley Foundation’s association with the ELCA Foundation, referrals can be made to appropriate advisors.

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